First floor used to link two areas and access to toilets etc. Small mini bar and seating provided.

PizzaExpress allowed us to commission an artist to provide contemprary artwork, but with a "traditional" feel. 21 painting were produced by Nicholas Merton- Smith (he has just had a paitiing accepted in the National Portrait Gallery June 2003)

The old tea rooms and adjoining gallery refurbished and repaired. All of the fireplaces and original features were previously covererd up. There was much local verbal opposition to the alterations.
The main fireplace and the old wall framing were all revealed during the work. Working with the local Conservation Officers we agreed to open up the wall to connect the two properties.

The old bread over in a rear room has been retained, and is a popular room for childrens parties. The oven is about 6m x 3m and must have kept Pinner well supplied with bread.

Now it only contains a red light and a few spiders, but everyone has to have a look inside!

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